How do I sign up?


How do I skip a delivery?

Headed out of town for vacation and need to skip a delivery? We just need a little bit of notice. Through your Dandelion Dashboard you can cancel your box up to 3 months in advance through 10am the Friday before your delivery. To add or skip a delivery Login to your account > Click Settings > Schedule > & select the box icon with the corresponding date. If you're having trouble you can also cancel by giving us a call at 360-933-1130.

How do I add a delivery?

Hosting extra people for the holidays and in need of additional produce? No problem! Adding a delivery is easy on your Dandelion Dashboard. Login to your account > click Settings > Schedule > & click the box icon on the appropriate date to add a delivery. Adding or cancelling a delivery can be scheduled up to 3 months in advance. If you're having trouble adding or cancelling a delivery you can also make schedule changes by giving us a call at 360-933-1130.

What if I'm missing something in my bin?

Our hard working staff hand packs hundreds of bins each week, and although they are produce packing pros every now and then something might get missed. Please let us know! If you are missing or received an unsatisfactory item give us a call (360-933-1130) or send a quick email (HERE ). We will be happy to replace those items. 

When do you deliver? Do I have to be home?

We deliver all orders either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your neighborhood. Your box of fresh produce will be delivered straight to your doorstep (or another spot that is not in direct sunlight). If there is a specific spot you'd prefer your delivery left at, you can leave more detailed delivery instructions when you sign up. And don't worry if you're not home to receive your bin, your driver will leave it in your preferred delivery location, and you'll have fresh produce ready for you when you get home.

How does Dandelion select what goes in my delivery?

Each week we build a new menu centered around what is available seasonally from our local farmers. In an effort to support our community we will always source produce locally whenever possible. During seasons when local variety is limited, the menu and substitution options include additional certified organic produce from our distributer. Under each menu item you will see the local farm listed if applicable (see example below).

Where does our produce come from?

Dandelion works directly with over a dozen local farms, green houses and orchards to bring our customers the best quality and freshest produce available. Learn more about the farmers we work with, where your produce is coming from, and the sustainable practices being used to grow the best produce possible HERE on our farmer’s page

How do I pay? Do you accept cash or checks?

We accept multiple forms of payments including automatic pay via debit or credit cards, or COD payment via check. Credit (or debit) cards are processed the day of your delivery. COD payments are left inside your empty bin for pick up on delivery day.

How do I avoid getting a certain item in my delivery?

Allergic to cilantro, or just don't like beets? We totally understand and want to make sure you are only getting your favorite produce in your deliveries. In addition to the manual substitutions you can make each week, we have developed a totally awesome way for you to tell us which items you "do not like" so they will never end up in your deliveries. Login to your Dandelion Dashboard > Settings > Favorite Produce > scroll through the list and click the "Don't Like it" button corresponding to any produce you don't want to receive in future deliveries. If one of your disliked items is on the current week’s menu, it will automatically by substituted with one of your favorites.

How do I return my bin?

Returning your reusable plastic tote is easy! Simply leave your empty bin out on your scheduled delivery day. Our driver will exchange your empty box, with your new bin of fresh organic goodies. Or if your service was discontinued we will contact you to schedule a day for final bin pickup at no charge. (Unreturned bins may be subject to a charge of $12 per bin).