Local Flour Tortillas - 10 ct pkg

Tortillas Con Madre

Local Flour Tortillas - 10 ct pkg


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Let's Say Goodbye to Artificial Ingredients and Preservatives. Improve Your Nutrition Today With 
Tortillas Con Madre - Wheat Flour Tortilla (With Organic Sunflower Oil )

  • A vegan's dream tortilla made with 100% USDA Organic ingredients and enhanced with a wonderous Sunflower Oil for a delicious nutty taste unlike any other
  • NON-GMO and no preservatives allows this tortilla to have fresh taste and texture
  • A recipe passed down through generations allowing time to perfect a high-quality and simplistic style flat bread
  • Locally made and family crafted using local sources of ingredients
  • A tortilla wrap that puffs to a bubble when heated, maintains texture and form without tearing, and complements any meal to please even the most demanding palates
  • Endless uses ranging from organic tortilla recipes, vegan tortilla recipes, organic naan recipes and much more excellent carb balance formulas