Quick any kind of fruit Jam!


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Quick any kind of fruit Jam!

According to David Lebovitz, there's only one rule to remember when it comes to making a quick batch of jam. Lebovitz reports that the first step to making jam by the seat of your pants is to, of course, pick and cook as much of the fruit you want to preserve as your heart desires. After that comes the important part. You'll need to accurately measure the amount of cooked fruit you're working with. As Lebovitz notes, the golden ratio to jam-making involves using "¾ of the amount of sugar" for the fruit you have. The chef provides an example, stating that if you have 4 cups of fruit then you'll need to throw in 3 cups of sugar to ensure your fruit is correctly preserved. And once you've memorized this simple rule, you'll never have to look at a jam recipe again. 


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June 23, 2023
Easy and delicious!