Sage Herb Infused Olive Oil

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Sage Herb Infused Olive Oil

If you don’t think you will be cooking much with your sage, make a infused oil, a culinary treat that will last the year or until you finish it.

Sage infused olive oil is yummy on fresh baked bread, salads, chicken, garlic bread, croutons, in veggie stews, on french bread pizza, --just about anything you usually use olive oil on. Infused oils are fun and easy to make.


Olive Oil

Sage and other herbs


To make use a very clean glass jar, fill it with fresh herb, and cover the herb with olive oil. Keep it in a dark place and let infuse 3-6 weeks. Give a few gentle shakes every day or so. Strain. Store in dark place. I usually just loosely fill the jar with chopped herbs and then pour enough oil to cover the herbs. Slightly chop the herbs before infusing, so that the essential oils and other herbal constitutes can be more easily released. After the first day the herbs will soak up a bit of oil so on the second day top with a little more oil to keep the herbs covered. You may need to top a little on the third day as well.



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