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Vendor: Viva Farms

Viva Farms Location: Mount Vernon, WA
Food Miles: 35 miles

We are a small farm with big goals! Viva Farms is a non-profit farm incubator aspiring to grow the next generation of farmers. We are a certified organic farm in Skagit Valley. This year we support 15 small scale farmers on only 33 acres. We provide agricultural and entrepreneurial education, equipment, infrastructure and outlets for sales and distribution. Viva farmers come from a diverse background including Latino farm workers with years of agricultural experience to beginning farmers looking for meaningful work and connection to local food and the environment. We are proud partners with the Sustainable Agricultural Education Program with Skagit Valley College. This summer our farmers are growing everything from artichokes to zucchini. Our organic fresh berries and vegetables can be found in many local restaurants and institutions. Viva Farms is home to a lovely on-site farm stand on the corner of Higgens Airport way and Highway 20, we gladly except SNAP and WIC. We hope you will help us continue to grow this season.


Anything from Viva Farms this week?
nope! not this week.