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Vendor: Cedarville Farm

Cedarville Farm Location: Bellingham, WA
Food Miles: 16 miles

Since 1989, we have been tilling sandy loam soils adjacent to the Nooksack River, just west of Deming, Washington. Our harvest season begins in May and continues into December. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, along with a flock of laying hens, and several batches of broiler chickens and a Thanksgiving turkey flock.

We grow all our crops organically, and our land has been certified organic since the early 1980s. We cultivate our fields with our hands, hoes, a trusty Ford tractor, and a stubborn resolve. We spread compost and plant cover crops to enhance soil fertility and to stimulate plant health. Crops are rotated each season to discourage the build up of plant diseases and maintain a balanced soil. We are constantly searching for varieties adapted to our unique soils and climate. We invite you to visit the garden and see for yourself how we grow your food. Your trust in our work is our most valuable asset.

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