What's in the Harvest Bin
Week of Oct 22

Perfect for most households, a balanced variety of 12 to 14 different fruits and veggies with an average of 3 types of fruit and 9 veggies, enough produce for 2 to 4 people for about a week.

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1 (bunch) Carrots,Blue Heron Farm
1 (bunch) Spinach,Ralph's Greenhouse
1 (bunch) Broccoli,Hopewell Farm
2 (lb.) Gold Potatoes,Spring Frog Farm
4 (each) Gala Apples,Brownfield Orchard
1 (each) Cauliflower,Terra Verde Farm
1 (lb.) Pluots (Substituted due to quality),Okanogan Producers Marketing Association
1 (bunch) Green Kale,Ralph's Greenhouse
1 (each) Carnival Acorn Squash,Spring Frog Farm
1 (lb.) Leeks,Ralph's Greenhouse
4 (each) Red D'Anjou Pears,Brownfield Orchard
2 (each) Green Sweet Peppers,Rabbit Fields Farm