What's in the Personal Harvest Bin
Week of Aug 20

A balanced variety of about 8 to 10 different fruits and veggies. Great for the small household or people who cook less, enough produce for 1 to 3 people for about a week.

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1 (pint) Strawberry,Arado Farm
4 (each) Bi-Color Corn,Hopewell Farm
1 (each) Green Cabbage,Ralph's Greenhouse
1 (bunch) Scallions (substituting Red Onion, due to quality),Spring Time Farm
1 (bunch) Green Kale,Ralph's Greenhouse
1 (lb.) Green and Yellow Zucchini / Summer Squash,Spring Frog Farm
5 (each) Donut Peaches,Smallwood Farm
1 (bunch) Rainbow Carrots,Ralph's Greenhouse
1 (each) Persian Cucumber,The Growing Garden